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Recreational 6's Draw Tournament
This is a 2 person draw tournament (Any Combo). You and your partner stay together all night and everyone else on your team changes each match.
6 on 6

August 20 (Friday)
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Secured Registrations:
    "Mike & Christine"
    "Nick G. & Christina S."
    "Zack & Danielle"
    "Melinda S. & Kevin Y."
    "Maria V."
    "Erin E. & Kristen B."
    "Emily D. & Scott C."
    "Allison L. & Jon J."
    "Pork Chop C. & Lord D."
    "Joanna K. & Lee K."
    "Jake The Sandman F. & BamBam B."
    "Jean P. & Dan P."
Unsecured Registrations:
    "Lauren W. & Jamie W."
    "Brian W. & Meghan W."
    "Jim W. & Mary W."